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High-performance Golf Cart covers, available in multiple color and size combinations.

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2 Seater Up to 96 inch
2+2 Seater Up to 108 inch
4 Seater Up to 125 inch

Whether it's hauling your clubs across the green or hauling you around the neighborhood, one thing's for sure: a golf cart makes life easier. Keep it simple with a with a top-performing golf cart cover by Covermates.

Why Coverstore?

Unlike other vehicles, the open design of a golf cart makes a cover mandatory, especially if you store yours outdoors.
Protect yours with a Coverstore cover, designed to fit every style and model of golf cart.

Why Buy From US

Why buy from us

We understand your needs and aim to meet them every time

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Waterproof or Breathable?

Waterproof or Breathable?

Why you should avoid the ‘waterproof’ cover gimmick

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Compare our Materials

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