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Warranty Information

At The Cover Store, we stand behind what we know to be great products with our industry-leading warranty coverage. When purchasing from us, you can have complete confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of what we produce and sell.

View our product categories below to determine what type of coverage applies to your items of interest. For more detailed information on what our warranty terms cover, please click here.




What Our Warranties Cover

The Cover Store offers a variety of warranty coverage periods, based on the product category and material collections listed above. For the duration indicated, we warrant our products to be free from material defect and product construction and performance flaws not attributed to normal use.

A warranty term begins from the date of purchase and applies to the individual/company named on the The Cover Store invoice. Should we determine a defect in the material or our workmanship has taken place within the warranty period, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the cover. We reserve the right to make the final determination on defects. Warranties are not transferable and are a limited liability to the original purchase price of the product. Only products purchased directly from The Cover Store, via or Amazon, are covered by our warranty. Unauthorized sellers may be selling used, damaged or altered products & are therefore not covered by our Manufacturer Warranty.

What To Do

If you would like to submit a warranty claim, please email the following information to us at for review.

  1. Your WEB1 order number or the billing name, address, and phone number associated with the purchase
  2. The style number for each affected product. The style number can be found on the tag along the inside seam of every cover.
  3. A close-up picture of the jobber number for each affected product. The jobber number can be found on the tag along the inside seam of every cover. The jobber number is a series of letters and numbers (ex. 15WS093).
  4. A detailed description of the damage and how the damage occurred.
  5. A wide angle picture of the product in use in its normal environment.
  6. A close up picture of the damaged area of the product.
  7. Your mailing address if it is different from the one provided on your original purchase.

What Our Warranties Don't Cover

While our warranty programs are very generous, there are areas that aren't covered. We encourage you to carefully review the things that are not covered by our warranties so you have realistic expectations of the performance of our protective covers and storage items. These include normal wear from usage, weather-related damage, improper care, alteration, acts of God, misuse or abuse, as well as:

  • Scratching - occurs from dust & dirt
  • Fading - a natural reaction to UV rays
  • Water-Resistance - our covers are highly water-resistant, but not waterproof. Waterproof covers are not breathable, and breathability is essential to preventing mold and mildew from developing underneath your covers, by allowing moisture from condensation and humidity to escape
  • Staining - covers block stains, but may discolor from them
  • Breathability - if not cleaned regularly, can become clogged
  • Paint Damage - some finishes or re-painted surfaces will react to being covered
  • Cloudy Surfaces - occur from clogged covers that haven't been cleaned
  • Color Transfer - covering light color objects with dark or bright color covers

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at and we'd be happy to help.

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