Covercraft WeatherShield™ HD Car Covers

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Material Features

Covercraft WeatherShield® HD is a heavy weight, high-strength woven and is designed primarily for intense sun exposure and long-term storage. WeatherShield® HD is made from heavier denier polyester thread to provide maximum performance against the damaging effects from the sun. If you prefer a lighter polyester material, see  for complete details.

  • Patented encapsulated car cover fabric with Epic™ technology

  • Heavier denier thread for higher resistance to UV degradation

  • Highly water-resistant, repels water on contact, dries fast

  • Breathable to allow heat, moisture and condensation out

  • Nearly twice as strong as Weathershield HP fabric

  • Resists fading and holds color much longer than others

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Material Details

WeatherShield® HD is 40% heavier than WeatherShield® HP, making it almost 2x as strong in tear and tensile strength. The solution-dyed polyester fabric is naturally moisture-resistant and UV-resistant.

In addition, WeatherShield® HD provides added all-weather protection for your car, truck or SUV because it's finished with a patented EPIC™ encapsulation technology. EPIC™ by Nextec™ was developed specifically for outdoor high-performance material. EPIC™ uses a process which places a combination of proprietary polymers inside the woven fabric to change an already high-performing polyester material into a super fabric!

WeatherShield® HD is perfect for the following uses:

  • Intense sun environments such as Texas, Arizona, California and Florida
  • Any coastal area
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight in wide open, unprotected areas
  • Harsh and extreme cold or hot climates
  • Long-term storage for vehicles not being used, or used infrequently

WeatherShield® HD is processed by weaving the solution-dyed polyester at the mill and then applying special coatings prior to the patented encapsulation process.

Next, the encapsulation process is performed by applying silicone-based polymers onto the woven material. Then a combination of heat and pressure is applied to the polymers, forcing them inside the polyester fabric.

Finally, specially designed ovens are used to cure the silicone-based polymers to a dry, solid state. Nearly all the polyester fibers are wrapped in these polymers, making them individually fade-resistant and delivering the all-weather protection needed to protect your vehicle.

WeatherShield® HD is also earth-friendly, as the production process saves 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of polyester fabric produced.

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Caring for your WeatherShield® HD Car Cover

By cleaning your WeatherShield® car cover, you'll ensure its optimal performance which means you'll receive the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Cleaning your car cover periodically prevents fogging from occurring on your vehicle's windows.

A household or commercial washer can be used to wash your car cover, but the center agitator must be removed. Begin washing by inserting the cover in the washer, filling with warm water and adding ¼ cup laundry detergent. Run the rinse cycle twice to ensure all detergent has been removed. Dry cover in dryer on hot temperatures - do not use softeners, dryer sheets, or other additives. The heat from the dryer will help rejuvenate the patented polymer finish!

To keep your cover looking and performing its best we suggest following these cleaning tips:

  • Remove the washing machine's agitator beforehand
  • Do not use a fabric softener
  • Dry in drying machine only

To hand-wash your WeatherShield® HD car cover we suggest leaving it on your vehicle. Mix an ounce of mild dish-washing liquid per quart of warm water. Spray or sponge soapy water onto cover and clean with sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse with plain water until no suds are evident and allow to air dry. Do not store cover when wet.

Important Note: No cover is completely waterproof.

We recommend removing your WeatherShield® HD car cover periodically to check for any evidence of moisture. If moisture is present, we suggest allowing the surface of your vehicle as well as the cover to completely dry before placing the cover back onto your vehicle. This will prevent trapped moisture from leaving a cloudy residue on your paint's surface.

WeatherShield® HD is a registered trademark of Covercraft Industries.

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