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Cover Clamps Instructions


1. Place cover over the item you wish to protect.

2. Unlock clamp by pressing center lever and sliding crossbar towards hook insert.

3. Secure clamps to opposite sides of cover bottom by placing teeth over cover’s hem and sliding cross-bar towards teeth until clamp locks in place.

4. Place one bungee cord behind front wheel or leg of item. Attach hook through insert of left-front and right-front clamps.

5. Place second bungee cord behind rear wheel or leg of item. Attach hook through insert of left-rear and right-rear clamps.

Caution: Cover Clamps are intended for stationary use only and are not intended to secure tarps on moving vehicles. To avoid damage or bodily injury, take caution when stretching cords, do not over-stretch or stretch beyond 50%. Protective eyewear should be worn when fastening or releasing Cover Clamps. Do not use if hooks or cords show signs of wear. The Cover Store is not responsible for damage or injury caused from improper or careless application.

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